Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais is pleased to announce he has successfully secured the funds to install a new Pedestrian Crossover, known as a PXO, where Henn exits onto Colonial.

“We’ve been working hard to find a solution to the need to cross Colonial to be able to use the sidewalk to walk to school,” says Blais. “The new PXO will make it safer for all predestrians, especially children, to cross Colonial.”

Pedestrian Crossovers are designated areas that allow pedestrians to safely cross roads where vehicles must yield to pedestrians when crossing. Pedestrian Crossovers are identified by specific signs and pavement markings. In some cases, but not always, they may also have pedestrian activated flashing beacons.

At Pedestrian Crossovers equipped with flashing beacons, pedestrians may push a button to make the beacon flash to enhance driver’s awareness that they will be crossing.

It is the responsibility of both drivers and pedestrians to understand and follow the rules at Pedestrian Crossovers.

The project in Navan is scheduled for 2018.