The conversion to LRT has not gone the way anyone would have liked and it’s beyond frustrating. 

We have authorized several additions / changes to the system to make the bus service connecting to LRT more reliable.

First, we put 40 buses that had previously been taken out of service, back into service on routes. This adds extra capacity to the fleet.

Some of these buses were put onto route 30, including standby buses at Millennium during the morning rush hour.

In Orléans, additional buses are being added to routes 25,30,38,39,228.

These new buses will also be built into the revised schedules for January. (As you know we revise the bus schedules 4 times a year)

Second, beginning this morning there are now 20 buses sitting on permanent stand by for the R1 replacement service.

Before, the R1 service was put into place by taking buses out of other local service to divert them to provide the R1 replacement service for LRT problems. This takes the buses out of their normal routine and creates a ripple effect through the entire system for the rest of the commute. By placing 20 buses on permanent standby we should not need to take buses out of regular service to put them on R1 service. This change started this morning.

Third, we had previously planned on bringing 19 new buses into service in the 2020 budget year. We are doing everything we can to get these additional buses into service as fast as possible.

OC Transpo is constantly looking for ways to implement suggestions, improve service, and respond to customer feedback.

To keep our customers up to date about O-Train Line 1 service and new initiatives, OC Transpo has launched this new information tool to provide regular updates, background information and answers to frequently asked questions about Ottawa’s new multimodal service. Updates will be posted regularly during this stabilization period.