Dear Neighbour,

Thank you for your continued interest in the Gardenway sidewalk project.

Following the public meeting in March staff at the City of Ottawa have been working hard to take into account the array of feedback we received, particularly the concerns raised by residents who front onto Gardenway.

This process has taken longer than originally anticipated but I believe they have come up with an alternative that meets the needs of the community while respecting the concerns raised by neighbours.

We heard loud and clear that there was no desire to build a sidewalk which would cut through driveway access on Gardenway.

We have heard that residents would like accessible bus pads and safer pedestrian crossings to access the existing sidewalk to the north.

To that end, you will see that the proposed changes do just that. We are configuring the project to respond to the public’s requests. No driveways or home frontage will change.

An intermittent sidewalk is proposed where bus stops are located to ensure our low floor buses can be accessible to all resident. This will not impact anyone’s street frontage.

Further, pedestrian crossings, referred to as PXO’s, will be installed at two locations. First, near Thicket to ensure access to both the north side sidewalk where the south side sidewalk ends as well as providing access to Gardenway Park. Second, in front of St. Clare, near Paradise Cres, to access the pathway which connects to Innes Road.

I invite you to review the attached letter to homeowners from the project manager, outlining the changes we have proposed.

To bring these changes forward, I will be bringing a motion to Transportation Committee on June 7th, and should the recommendation be carried by my colleagues on Committee, it would be then presented to Council on June 14th.

I am therefore asking you to please respond to myself as well at the project manager whose contact is listed in the attachment, with your thoughts on the changes by Monday June 5th, 2017.

Thank you again for participation in this process, as we continue to make improvements for our community.

Yours very truly,

Stephen Blais

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