Environment Canada has issued a Freezing Rain Warning & Freezing Drizzle Advisory

Currently cloudy with a misty fog, temperature -10C.  Arterial & collector road conditions will vary between bare, wet and slushy. Side roads and sidewalks will be snow covered, icy and slippery. Residents are advised to proceed with caution. A wintry mix has fallen since yesterday morning of snow (2cm), ice pellets, drizzle and freezing rain (10mm combined). A low pressure system over the area Monday will have more moisture and heavier precipitation as a result. Several hours of freezing rain are possible late 10pm Monday evening, changing to rain showers overnight into Tuesday morning as temperatures rise. Monday morning commute will be tough.

Forecasted conditions:

🌧🥶 Today periods of freezing drizzle persisting through the day. 🌡 High +1C. 💨 Wind Northeast 15 km/h.
🌑 Tonight periods of rain or freezing rain. Wind Southwest 20 km/h. Temperature rising to +6C by morning

☁️ Tuesday mainly cloudy chance of 🌧 showers in the morning, clearing in the afternoon. 🌡 High +6C falling through the day, afternoon -4C overnight low -17C.  💨 Wind Southwest 20 gusting to 40 km/h

🌨🌧 Wednesday chance of flurries through the day. 🌡 High -8C overnight low -8C

❄️ Thursday chance of snow. 🌡 High +1C overnight low -9C

City operations

Residents are advised to exercise patience and drive with caution.  Staff are monitoring weather forecasts and will be patrolling roads throughout the event.  Winter maintenance operations are ongoing.

  • Plowing, sanding & gritting of sidewalks and residential roads will be ongoing
  • We anticipate road & sidewalk conditions will be snow covered, icy, slushy and slippery for the Monday morning commute
  • Combo plow trucks have been deployed from the onset of the snow & ice accretion and will continue to plow and salt the arterial roads. All sidewalk units will be deployed to plow and apply abrasives to sidewalks and bus stops
  • We will deploy plowing/sanding/gritting resources over the remainder of the transportation network as necessary as the weather or road conditions change
  • Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways, and parking lots may become snow covered, icy and slippery