Two grant proposals from Navan get approval to help celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary

Cumberland City Councillor Stephen Blais is proud to announce the awarding of two grants to celebrate Canada150 in rural Cumberland.

“The 2017 Civic Events Funding Program is a great way to ensure that villages such as Navan are able to celebrate the Canada’s biggest anniversary in the same spectacular fashion that other Ottawans do on Parliament Hill,” says Blais. “It is great to see that rural areas are getting the support they deserve to organize an unforgettable Canada Day.”

Blood, Sweat, Tears & Gears Parade

Navan’s ambitious Canada Day Celebration features several events, but the main attraction is definitely the “Blood, Sweat, Tears & Gears” parade. It will take spectators on a journey through time as parade members travel from Navan’s past (in a horse-drawn carriage) to its present, showing the evolution of transportation and farm machinery through Canada’s first 150 years.

Alongside the “Blood, Sweat, Tears & Gears” Parade, there will be an interactive pop-up museum. In keeping with the “past-to-present” theme, the pop-up museum illustrates various historical events of Navan over the years, with themes such as: Craftsmanship, food, arts/music, and many others.

“We are combining education with entertainment; this will be a fun time for the whole family,” says Wyatt McWilliams, one of the original proponents for the parade.

Streetdance Canada 150

As part of the Ottawa 2017 events, there will be a large community street party held in underneath the domes in Navan called Streetdance Canada 2017. There will be live dancers and performers, most notably Navan-favourite country/rock band Ambush.

“We are very pleased that the City is supporting what we have planned to celebrate Canada’s 150th year. Our celebrations will culminate with in a spectacular street dance event where we expect thousands to attend,” says John Bradley, owner of JT Bradley’s Store.

Navan Lions Bicycle Rally

The Navan Lions are organizing a bicycle rally similar to what was done to help celebrate Navan’s 150th anniversary in 2011. This will be a well attended event, reaching out to residents across the region, including Orléans. Cyclists will be invited to cycle on the Prescott multiuse pathway ending with a BBQ. There is no charge and cyclists are encouraged to show pride for our nation.

“The Navan Lions Club is delighted to receive the support of the City in organising the proposed bicycle rally in June 2017. This rally, which will be on Father’s Day, will be an opportunity to celebrate the multi -use pathway, family, and the 150th anniversary of Canada. Let us hope the weather will be fine,” says David Grattan, Navan Lion and proponent for the rally.

“Residents of rural Cumberland are patriotic Canadians and proud of their rural heritage,” adds Blais. “I am glad we were able to help highlight the vibrant culture and traditions in Navan.”

The parade and Streetdance are scheduled for June 17, 2017 and the Cycle Rally, the day after, on June 18, 2017.