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Cleanup Continues

Today, our teams will continue with the clean-up. As we have learned from the past few events, winter operations happen in stages. We begin with major and arterial roads and sidewalks, keeping them clear and safe for residents, then we move into residential area and work to clear bus stops.

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Snowmageddon Cleanup

As predicted, the snow began yesterday, mid-afternoon, and this morning there are more than 30 cm of snow on the ground. We anticipate that snow will continue throughout the day – although at a much slower rate.  The strong winds will continue to cause blowing snow, drifting and possible white-outs. 

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Snowmageddon 2019

Snow will be falling fast and furiously – more than 2 cm per hour, leading to a quick and significant accumulation.  Extreme winds are expected to make conditions worse – causing local blowing snow, drifting and possible white-outs. 

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Ice Roads

Today, many communities are dealing with the after-effect of yesterday’s weather. We experienced freezing rain, rain, snow, as well as a dramatic drop in temperatures – from a high of +6˚C to -16˚C.

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