Jackson Bender recognized for good deeds

Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais and Mayor Jim Watson presented Jackson Bender with a letter of recognition for his outstanding contributions to the Heritage Public School Breakfast Program.

“Jackson’s selfless actions and attitude make him a model Navan resident,” says Blais. “Our community is fortunate to have Jackson, he is like other Navanites who have contributed so much to the Village.”

Jackson was nominated by members of the Navan community to participate in RBC’s make 150 count, which gives its nominees $150 with no strings attached, with the caveat being the funds have to be used to improve the community.

“We heard about Jackson’s incredible sense of community giving and we knew, ‘he’s our guy’.” Says Bonnie Bergeron, RBC manager and Navan local. “We want this project to ignite a national movement of young people doing acts of good that will inspire others and help celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary”.

Jackson got various community associations on board to match his donation (Navan Lions, Nifty Fifty, Women’s Institute) as well as JR Bradley’s Store, and private citizens. He turned his initial donation of $150 into $910, all of which was donated to the Heritage Public School Breakfast Program.

“It’s nice to be recognized, but I’m happier that I get the opportunity to give back to the community,” says Jackson. “With all this attention on the Heritage Breakfast program, maybe people will donate more to them.”

Jackson has been an active member in Navan’s community for over 6 years. He has spoken on the history of Navan to the Mayor and Councillor Blais, has countless volunteer hours with the Cumberland Lions, and is an honour roll student.

“It’s amazing what he has been able to accomplish at such age, and look forward to what he’s got in store for us in the future,” adds Blais.