$13,000 for main street beautification

Stephen is proud to announce a $13,000 rural community building grant for the Cumberland Community Association to celebrate the historical legacy of Cumberland Village.

“We’ve seen a renaissance of small business along Old Montreal Road through the village,” adds Blais. “Our goal has been to draw visitors to the village through the promotion of touristic opportunities while providing the stable economic environment to encourage entrepreneurs to take a risk and open a small business.”

The Cumberland Community Association has proposed a multi-year plan that will celebrate the historical legacy of Cumberland Village through multiple enhancement initiatives. The $13,000 grant from the City of Ottawa will support the implementation of the first phase of this plan.

“The Cumberland Community Association is committed to improving our quality of life and sense of community, while protecting the rural character of Cumberland,” says Anda Bruinsma of the Cumberland Community Association. “We’re excited to partner with the City of Ottawa to invigorate our traditional main street through the heart of one of Ottawa’s most historical communities.”

The intended outcome of invigorating the village core will benefit residents and contribute to making Cumberland Village a day trip destination for the broader region.

Councillor Blais has championed the expansion of programming at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum leading to more visitors and higher revenues. Encouraging residents of the region to visit Cumberland is an important part of supporting the development of local small business.

“Protecting our rural heritage is extremely important,” says Councillor Blais. “By sharing our stories with residents from across the region we can keep alive the spirit of Cumberland’s earliest days.

The components of the community associations project fall under Education, Beautification and Recreation through storyboards, historical banners, way finding signposts, benches and information & notice board and an Historical Cumberland Village Walking Tour.