Left turn arrow - Tenth Line & Vanguard

My office has received concerns from residents in the community with regards to being able to safely turn left from Tenth Line Road to Vanguard Drive. Specifically, it is difficult for a left turning vehicle to see on-coming traffic when there is a vehicle in the opposing left turn lane.

City staff have developed a plan that would change the operation of the traffic signal from current operation where vehicles turn left on a green ball to one where vehicles can only turn left with a left turn arrow. At all other times, a left turn vehicle would face a red ball (similar operation to a vehicle turning left at Innes and Tenth Line).

Blais delivers new Orléans fire station

Blais delivers new Orléans fire station

Safety greatly improved as east end expands

Stephen is pleased to announce a new Fire Station, located on Portobello Blvd. (beside the expanded Francois Dupuis Recreation Centre) is now open.

"The last fire station built in Orléans was in the early 1990's," says Blais. "I'm happy to deliver this $7 million dollar investment that will help to ensure the safety of our families and our homes for the next few decades."



Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais is pleased to announce he has successfully secured the funds to install a new Pedestrian Crossover, known as a PXO, where Henn exits onto Colonial.

"We've been working hard to find a solution to the need to cross Colonial to be able to use the sidewalk to walk to school," says Blais. "The new PXO will make it safer for all predestrians, especially children, to cross Colonial."

Blais brings major safety improvement to Millennium Park

Local sports facility gets two defibrillators

Cumberland City Councillor and amateur sports champion Stephen Blais has secured the Installation of two automated external defribillators (AED) at Millennium Park in time for the new upcoming summer sports season.

“I am incredibly happy to bring these two AEDs to Millennium Park,” says Councillor Stephen Blais. “These devices can save lives, and that’s something I know first-hand.”

Curbing rolling stops with freshly painted road signs

Curbing rolling stops with freshly painted road signs

Cumberland City Councillor Stephen Blais and Orléans Councillor Bob Monette unveiled a new tool to reduce rolling stops by painting advanced warnings for motorists.

Coun. Stephen Blais makes paramedics debate personal

An Ottawa city councillor who himself required emergency assistance in 2013 after suffering a massive heart attack became incensed with several of his colleagues Thursday when they questioned the need for more paramedics.
Blais Secures Three New School Crossing Guards

Blais Secures Three New School Crossing Guards

3 adult crossing guards added to improve student safety

Stephen Blais is proud to announce that students will be able to cross local roads more safely this school year. Blais was able to secure the funding to add three new locations in Cumberland Ward.

Blais Delivers Safer Pedestrian Connections in Cumberland Ward

Blais Delivers Safer Pedestrian Connections in Cumberland Ward

New signalized crossover provides much needed link through community

Local recreation and road safety champion Cumberland Ward Councillor Stephen Blais helped active Cumberland Ward’s first signalized pedestrian crossover on Valin Street, between Winsome Terrace and Demeter Street.

Slow Down


New speed radar boards remind motorists to SLOW DOWN

City Councillor and anti-speeding champion Stephen Blais continues new initiatives to help combat speeding throughout the Orléans and Cumberland area.

“Our new Speed Display Boards are another new community benefit that may help save a life,” says Councillor Blais. “Some motorists need to be reminded to slow down and these speed boards drive the point across.”

Blais calls on province to allow cameras on school buses

Blais calls on province to allow cameras on school buses

Drivers ignoring flashing lights

Cumberland City Councillor Stephen Blais is calling on the Ontario government to allow for cameras that would photograph the license plates of motorists who ignore flashing school bus lights when picking-up or dropping-off children. The recorded data would automatically be transmitted to the appropriate enforcement agency for recourse and is similar to a red light camera.

Back to School

While I was Catholic School Board trustee, I would always participate in and promote back to school safety events and initiatives. Our children’s safety is paramount and as such, more education and awareness is a shared responsibility among all government officials, parents, residents and children.

In my first “back to school” time as a City Councillor, I would like to wish every child a warm and safe return to school. Moreover, it is imperative that I take this opportunity to remind everyone about some key areas of interest during this time of year.

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Without insulting our residents who love wintertime, I must confess that there is no better season for Ottawans than summertime. The sky turns from grays to vibrant blues, the air, made warm again, is filled with the smell of manna from heaven: BBQ time and outdoor grilling. The sun replaces dour looks with gleeful cheers and smiles.

More importantly than any of these reasons however, our children finally leave the classroom for outdoor activities after a long school year. For more information on outdoor summertime fun in Ottawa please visit:

Blais reminds residents to keep Operation Red Nose phone number handy

Blais reminds residents to keep Operation Red Nose phone number handy

Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais encourages residents who have consumed too much alcohol not to drive home but to consider calling Operation Red Nose this holiday season.

The number is 819-771-2886.

“We don’t want to see any resident of Ottawa and Gatineau driving while inebriated. Please keep this number handy this holiday season”, said Mr. Blais. “If you think you had too much to drink, be responsible and call Red Nose, it may be the best decision you ever made”, added the councillor.

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